Announcements - help flooded areas

Stray dogs in Sarajevo

In order to resolve the longstanding problem of stray dogs in the Sarajevo Canton, Ministry of Physical Planning and Environmental Protection has proposed Hodogram of the activities for the removal of dangerous, aggressive and sick dogs in the Sarajevo Canton.

Canton Government has shown its readiness to conduct the proposed timetable of activities, in accordance with the legislation, which means to establish a unique, durable, efficient and sustainable system of managing the dogs population.

In this context, the Ministry of Physical Planning and Environmental Protection of Sarajevo Canton signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Foundation Dogs Trust in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which sets out the rules and conditions of cooperation in relation to the implementation of the Law on the protection and welfare of animals in BiH and the establishment of a centralized, sustainable, permanent and humane dog population management system in the Sarajevo Canton. The Memorandum provides assistance and cooperation in the effective establishment and activation of the Stray Dog Service, in accordance with the law.

The Ministry of Physical Planning and Environmental Protection of Sarajevo Canton is currently working on the procurement of necessary equipment for emergency measures and the engagement of trained human resources.

In this sense, and in order to achieve a more efficient implementation of those activities a digital X-ray device for small animals weighing 1-70 kg with software, for use in veterinary medicine, is needed. A digital X-ray device for people, without a veterinary software, would be also acceptable. All those who think they can intervene in the procurement of the equipment are kindly requested to help.


Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London will open a book of condolence in the wake of devastating floods that affected Bosnia and Herzegovina which resulted in loss of life and extensive material damage. The book will be open for signature at the premises of the Embassy on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th May 2014 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina has created a PayPal account in order to facilitate the collection of funds from abroad for help to the areas affected by floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Detailed information can be found on the website of the MFA

Your payments in the UK can also be made on the account of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Тhe account number 30326368,
Sort Code 30-94-65
online or sending a cheque to the address of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5-7 Lexham Gardens, London W8 5JJ and the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London will cover costs of transfer of the funds. While making the payment please leave your full name or a "nick name" that you would like to be displayed on the list of the donors which is going to be published on this web page. If you would like your donation to be aimed at a particular municipality in BIH, you can specify its name.

List of donors

1. Mrs Sulukowska Halina Maria £ 1.000
2. Mustafa Mujezinović £ 500
3. Svetozar Miletić £ 100
4. Miss Srbijanka Bar S Barac £ 30
5. Hodžić Muhidin £ 150
6. Gething Josh £ 20
7. Vojčić D £ 50
8. Marija Jokić, help for Doboj £ 50
9. Gordana Kojić £ 100
10. Renata Bevanda, help for Doboj £ 60
11. Schweiger H £ 100
12. I Oswald £ 30
13. Margarita Dimitrova £ 50
14. Mr D Demmel & Mrs for Doboj £ 20
15. Royce&Coghill P&A UK £ 40
16. Ker/Lindsa J+BR J + B Ker/Lindsay £ 150
17. Anirudha Avinash P £ 20
18. F/Flow 1/S Semits £ 8
19. J Stankovic help for BL £ 50
20. Jasmin Hrnjić Packo, help 4 Maglaj £ 100
21. M. Blunkett £ 60
22. Ferguson/Smpaio £ 100
23. Besima i Sead Dedić £ 30
24. S. Stankovic help for BL £ 50
25. Ljubica Perić £ 100
26. Merry Stela £ 20
27. Sally Hilliar £ 100
28. Politi e Dr Eirini Politi £ 10
29. V. Barouttchieva £ 100
30. Roket Acton LTD. £ 920
31. Embassy of Indonesia in London £ 500
32. Embassy of Japan in London £ 139.25
33. The CA U Y S CUY Cambridge £ 50
34. MSC Foundation for Scholarship of Young Artists £ 900
35. Faruk Hadžović £ 100
In total £ 5,807.25