Within their weekly work schedule, the British Government's fellows and attendees of the BiH-FCO Fellowship Programme „Raising Standards of Media Professionalism“ have visited, on 2 February 2018, the BiH Embassy in London, when a reception was organized for all the attendees.

During a very cordial and interesting conversation with the Ambassador Neskovic and the Embassy's diplomatic staff, the journalists, the representatives of media and of the institutions governing the media work in BiH, have expressed their interest in Embassy's activities in its host country over the past period, in actual political situation, in possibilities for an improved economic cooperation, in opportunities for providing the scholarships to our students, in extent to which the BiH diaspora is organized and active here.

Programmes for upskilling the participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized by the British Government, have already become traditional. The attendees of this particular Programme were selected from among the renowned BiH journalists and media experts, while the curriculum was carefully devised and successfully realized. This time, in the programme have participated the most renowned journalists, editors and presenters of the TV channels BHT, N1, FTV, ATV, BNTV, Face TV, dailies Oslobodjenje and Dnevni avaz, radio station Radio Sarajevo, as well as representatives of the Faculty of Political Science, CIN, CRA (Communications Regulatory Agency), OSCE, EU Delegation in BiH and the British Embassy to BiH.