The British Fellowship Programme's“attendees from Bosnia and Herzegovina have visited the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London. 22 women working in digital sector and holding highly responsible positions in different areas of public life in Bosnia and Herzegovina formed this group (public administration, private businesses, media and NGOs).

This two-week Programme is rather versatile and intensive as for its content, combined with specialized lectures delivered by the representatives of the British Government and Members of the British Parliament. Also, in course of the Programme, the attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the latest best practices in the United Kingdom in the digital sector and IT industry. Naturally, the best part of the Programme are the visits to the important cultural-historical landmarks in London. 

In course of an appropriate reception, the Programme’s attendees learnt about the Embassy’s activities, while the Ambassador Branko T. Neskovic in his brief address wished them a warm welcome, emphasizing an increasing British interest in digital industry and IT sector in our country. The Ambassador also expressed his appreciation to his guests for having shown with their own example that women can be very successful leaders and equal to their male colleagues in IT sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, adding that in the Great Britain also the women are highly represented in all domains of political, economic and public life.