"Stanisic" Ethno Village

At km 3 from Bijeljina towards the Pavlovic Bridge, in the heart of the Semberija lowlands, the Stanisic family have built their Stanisic Ethno Village on 5 ha of ground.The Stanisic Ethno Village is a village of some 20 authentic wooden houses, including a milk house, a smithy, an "ambar" (a wooden structure for storing grain), old houses and a large guesthouse, all of them brought there from villages of Vares Municipality and villages of Mount Zvijezda and Mount Romanija.




Etno selo Babići

TFar from city noise and confusion, which have become part of everyday life of each individual, there is a unique oasis of peace, tranquility, nature and beauty, resort Ethno Village Babici at Rostov. A very simple and easy to get to this place. Driving along the main road Novi Travnik-Bugojno, at 1136 meters above sea level, you will be greeted place is ideal for stop and search of rest and peace.