Bosnia and Herzegovina is committed to the development and capitalization of Information and Communications Technologies, being aware that this key sector plays a vital role in any modern economic structure.

The ICT industry is developing and spreading within B&H too, becoming one of the drivers of the economic growth. Therefore, the year 2010 is recorded huge increase of IT companies’ number on approximately 2.000 compared with the 2003 when this number was approximately 300. While the small enterprises (up to 10 employees) were predominant in 2003, average number of employees increased on 26 in 2010.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ICT sector offers an array of opportunities to potential investors wishing to exploit their knowledge, sophistication, know-how and new business ideas:

  • ICT is an Emerging Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The continued availability of high-quality engineering and science graduates at Bosnia-Herzegovina colleges and abroad
  • A competitive cost environment
  • Investing in Bosnia and Herzegovina's ICT Sector presents a doorway to Southeast Europe
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina must be EU compatible
  • Privatization opportunities of strategic ICT companies still exist
  • Availability of basic ICT infrastructure
  • Availability of a huge number of small IT companies
  • Cultural affinity