As part of its cultural activities, BiH Embassy in London in the past week organized a promotion of two books of poetry of well known British poet Fiona Sampson - Kolshil and The Catch. Kolshil is a result of cooperation between the British poet, Professor Fiona Sampson, poet and publisher Dr. Zdravko Kecman, and expert and interpreter for English Studies, Dr Minja Golubovic, published last month in Banja Luka, the introductory part of the "Holy Hieronymus Edition".

She has read several of his poems, beginning with verses from Kolshil. There were endless songs in English and Serbian language: Prelude, Resurrection, Anthem to Kolshil gardens, Corn Liturgy, Mihajlova Sveta gora ... that the audience greeted with long applause.

The Catch was released last month in London and it includes songs written in the last three years from various locations, including Banja Luka, where Sampson has worked as president of the jury for the "European Lyric Atlas". 

'Triumphant literary evening "..." evening full of lyrical warmth" are just some of the comments presented by literary critics, writers and artists from the London milieu who painted this evening full of emotions.

After the event a reception in the salon of the Embassy was prepared.

Fiona is a member of the Royal Society of Writers, the Association of Artists and Commissioner of Wordsworth Trust. She graduated from the University of Oxford (1989-1992) and the Royal College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music. She is the professor of poetry at the University of Roehampton, where edits the international magazine Poem. She has published twenty-seven collections of poetry and critics and is currently working on a literary biography of Mary Shelley, as well as a study on the 'Limestone Country'. Fiona has also helped publish the works of many contemporary writers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia in the magazine Poem.

Fiona Sampson is one of the top contemporary British poetry and her books have been translated into more than thirty languages. For his work has received several awards: "Golden Ring of Macedonia", Newdigate Prize, Cholmondeley Award, awards from various Arts Councils of England and Wales, the Association of Writers and Poets Association and was nominated among the authors of TS Eliot and Forward prizes, and Evelyn Encelot European Prize for Women Poets.

Bilateral cooperation between our country and Great Britain in the field of culture and education certainly has much potential and scope for action, and authors such as Professor Fiona Sampson are working on overcoming the boundaries and connecting our countries.