In the spirit of enhancing cultural cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United Kingdom, the promotion of the book by British author Nick's Lipley's, "Blacksmit and the Bull” was held in the Embassy. The book was  illustrated by his partner, known Bosnian artist, Sonja Radan. The authors have made a special atmosphere combining interesting story-legend and exhibition, which served as a framework for the story, like illustrations in the book. Illustrations are color images inspired by the story, and painted pieces of wood, which were also exposed.

"Blacksmith and the Bull" is an epic poem of 26 verses, the story of how the Bosnian family Kovačević changed a surname to Aždajić, which was derived from the Turkish word for dragon. Sonja Radan (www.sonjaradan.com) was born in Sarajevo, where she graduated from the Art Academy. She exhibits in the former Yugoslavia countries, and other European countries. Lives in London since 1991 where continuously exhibits her works. She is a member of ULUBiH and her work will be presented in an anthology of Bosnia and Herzegovina artists outside the native country. Nick Lipley is a journalist and works as an editor and publisher. He is closely related to the Balkan countries. The characters and the locations of these countries appear often in his poetry. His work is an example of cooperation of British and Bosnian authors for promotion of cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Embassy supports authors and friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina who express interest in our culture and who connect cultures of two countries.