On Friday evening, 21 October 2016, at the premises of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London, there was inaugurated an exhibition of photography entitled "B&H, the Beautiful", by the Banja Luka’s author Dusan Kecman, the member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Association of Visual Artists.

In presence of a large number of distinguished invitees from the London’s diplomatic and public life, the BiH Ambassador in London, Mr. Sc. Branko T. Neskovic inaugurated the exhibition. In his opening address the Ambassador said, inter alia,”…the title of the exhibition „B&H, the Beautiful” speaks for itself sufficiently…”, adding that “…what is seen here tonight will definitely leave no one indifferent”.

Ambassador Neskovic expressed his special thanks to Mrs. Karen Lumley, the President of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina, for her wholehearted assistance in organisation and realisation of this event aimed at promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London. 

From 17–21 October the exhibition was displayed at the House of Lords in the Palace of Westminster, taking by surprise the MPs with a new, positive image and story of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The photos of amazing natural beauty of the mountains, rivers, lakes, cities and waterfalls – from Srbacki Buk, Martin Brod, Bliha near Kamengrad, Skakavac above Nahorevo, Skakavac in the Perucica Virgin Forest bellow the Maglic Mt. peak, Trnava Lake on the foot of the Maglic Mt., lakes Stirinsko, Orlovo and Jugovo on the Zelengora Mt., Boracko Lake on the foot of the Prenj Mt., Prenj Mt. photographed in winter time from 3,280 m altitude, and Bjelasnica and Jahorina Mountains, with Kupres and Vlasic Mt. as well. The same photographs are exhibited now at the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London, together with a series of 28 huge format photographs showing the cultural-historic landmarks shot throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The power of a photograph lies in the fact that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, while the bird’s eye view used by the author Kecman in making his artistic photographs reflects in a comprehensive manner the natural beauties of our country.

With this Exhibition, the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London continues with promotion of natural beauties and tourist attractions Bosnia and Herzegovina can offer, along with affirmation of our artists in this international platform. Large number of the exhibited photographs show the most important cultural monuments of our country, witnessing its rich history and its importance in the medieval period, so this Exhibition, in addition to its task of the promotion of tourism, has also a dimension of a valuable document of our country’s history.