On Wednesday, the 1st November 2016, the attendees of the FCO Fellowship Program from Bosnia and Herzegovina visited the BiH Embassy in London. The fellows, coming from all areas of the public life in our country (public administration, businesses, media and non-governmental organizations) were received by H.E Branko T. Nešković, the Ambassador, who briefed them about the issues that are currently actual in the UK and at the same time important, primarily for the bilateral relations of our country with the United Kingdom. The guests were interested to learn more about the modalities for economic and touristic promotion of our country in the UK territory, about the projects in the field of culture, about extent to which our diaspora is organized, as well as about interest of primarily our successful youth diaspora members in potential investing into Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also about the upcoming Business Forum in London. The nature of a diplomat job and the role of diplomacy in bilateral and multilateral relations were also discussed.

This three-week fellowship program is rather versatile and intense, combined with specialized lectures delivered by the representatives of the British Government and Members of the British Parliament, with the tours of the important landmarks and attending the cultural events in London, while the program also included visit to Edinburgh – Scotland, where a tour of the Building of the Scottish Parliament was planned, and also a meeting with the Parliament's representatives. In the end of the meeting, the announcement was made that, in organization of the British Embassy under one similar fellowship program, young and successful people from our country are supposed to visit UK early next year, what is undoubtedly further confirmation of a sound cooperation between the two countries.