The first diplomatic charity basketball tournament entitled „Dunking Diplomats“ was staged last weekend in London, in the premises of the American School, organized by the Embassies of the Republic of Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the Tournament, that gathered a large number of basketball fans, participated 60 „basket players“ pertaining to the diplomatic corps in London.

Initiators and organizers of this charity event were the Ambassadors of the Republic of Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the event's media partner was a London-based diplomatic magazine „Embassy Magazine“. Sponsors of the Tournament were „IDS“ Ltd. – a leading British company for supply to the diplomatic corps, the Austrian company „Silhouette“ and the Austrian Tourist Agency, while the host of this interesting event was the London-based fundraising charity „Greenhouse Sports“. Entire tournament's income was intended to the charity purposes, as an aid to children in the local communities. 

„Greenhouse Sports“ is a humanitarian organization with the mission to involve the young people from the London’s most disadvantaged communities, to boost their involvement in education and local community through sport, developing necessary skills and habits for their future life and personal growth. The teams playing in this basketball tournament were composed of the representatives of the diplomatic corps, while competitions rules were those of the England Basketball Association.

An evening reception was organized in the premises of the Austrian Embassy to announce the event, attended by the tournament participants, representatives of the diplomatic corps, representatives of the local community and tournament guests. In their dedication talk, the tournament's organizers expressed their appreciation for support received in organizing the event, and their hope that staging the similar events would further strengthen and upgrade cooperation between the local community and the diplomatic corps. 

The basketball tournament „Dunking Diplomats“ is a good example of a country’s promotion through sport, with simultaneous building of better bilateral relations with the United Kingdom and stronger interconnection of the participating countries and diplomats, through their joint involvement in organization of a, at the same time, sport and charity event.