A group of dozen diplomacy students of the King's College London, with Professor Peter Frostad, the Vice President of the King's College London Diplomacy Society, visited the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London. It is common in London for diplomacy students to visit embassies so that the students at international relations programs could learn as much as possible about world of diplomacy, history, politics and culture of different countries, directly from the diplomats themselves.


Rich history and culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina, numerous challenges faced by the country through a turbulent history of the Balkans, and the strategy and outlook of our diplomacy are all reasons why this Society’s young leaders to-be wished to meet and talk to the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the visit, Professor Frostad stressed that it was privilege for the students at international relations programs and for those interested in pursuing international affairs careers, to have the opportunity to learn more from the perspective of our diplomacy.

In a cozy and very vivid conversation with the Ambassador Neskovic, the students showed their strong interest for political system and foreign policy of our country. They had many questions regarding integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina into European Union, bilateral relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United Kingdom (economics, politics, security), while also character of diplomatic job and the role of diplomacy in a modern world were discussed, both from bilateral and multilateral aspects. Towards the end of the visit, the guests toured the Embassy in order to get acquainted with its content, and the Ambassador gave to each student a copy of book Vision 2020 Bosnia and Herzegovina – Towards Its European Future.

In the end of this visit, a desire was expressed to maintain communication and establish further cooperation for implementation of future activities of this Society and the King’s College with the Embassy, while a new group of the students is expected to visit the Embassy this fall.

The King's College London Diplomacy Society is the major international relations association at the university level in London, organizing lectures and forgathering with the distinguished members of the London’s diplomatic community.