Your excellencies distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen-ts, dragi gosti

Thank you very much to being together with us today. I do hope you will find business interest and enjoy in charm, hospitality and beauty of our country. 

 - The Balkans is troughs  the centuries-old link between the East and the West and the point of contact between civilizations and the intersection of roads.

- The Balkans towards Makinder "is the place of connection, but also the separation of certain areas of Europe, as threshold and door of Europe“.

 -Bosnia and Herzegovina is a heart-shaped country located in South Eastern Europe, in the center of the Balkan Peninsula. Throughout the history of this region, the eastern and western civilizations met there, merged and reinforced each other.

 -BH is a country with a diverse ethnic make-up, cultures and traditions, with diverse landscapes and a long history, a place where for century’s people from all over the world have met and exchanged goods and ideas.

 - BH has extraordinary natural potential and resources that can be of interest to foreign investors. It has a very favorable geographical position – being on the crossroads between the West and the East, Mediterranean and the Continent, two hours' flight distance from European business centers. 

 -We are very liberal and very open to economic cooperation with other countries, trade and foreign investments, and the profitability of business in BH has been shown by many successful projects so far. - About some advantages for investing and doing business in BH, you will get more information from my colleagues...later.

 -Economic cooperation between the United Kingdom and BH, I am afraid it's not at a satisfactory level.  In the long term, we see the development of BH-UK relations in the strengthening of economic cooperation, primarily through attracting investments from the UK, and through the transfer of knowledge and technology.


Thank you very much