The Ambassador is highest ranking representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Government of the United Kingdom. Close contacts with members of the UK Government - as well as with the British cultural and business worlds - are crucial to the Ambassador's job of maintaining and furthering the bilateral relationship between BH and the UK. Since August 2015, MSc Branko T. Neskovic is seventh Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Court of St James's.



Date of birth August 6th, 1961
Place of birth Gorazde, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2011-2014 Graduated with Master's Degree in Political Science in International Relation and Diplomacy, Independent University, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina   
1981-1986  Graduated at the Faculty of Economics University in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Work experience
31 March 2016 - present Non-Resident Ambassador to the Ireland
13 August 2015 - present Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Advisor in the office of the Chairman of the Presiedency

2015 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ambassador-at-Large

Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina,

PIU, Deputy Director for Procurement and Finance  

2006-2011 Ambassador to the Republic of Romania

Government of the Republic of Srpska,

Head of Prime Minister Office


Government of the Republic of Srpska,

Ministry of transport and communications, Adviser to the Minister


National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska,

MP and Chairman of the Commission for the International Relation

Languages Srpski (native), English
Marital status Married