Pursuing regular diplomatic activities, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London Branko T. Neskovic from 7 to 9 February visited the Northern Ireland, one of the constituent parts of the United Kingdom, having had on that occasion discussions with the officials of this friendly country, a homeland of the ancient Celts.  

In course of this first visit to the Northern Ireland Ambassador Neskovic met:  Speaker of the Assembly Robin Newton, high officials of the two most influential parties, Peter Weir from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and John O'Dowd from the Sinn Fein Party, and also Assembly Members from the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP), Alliance Party, Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), Director for future relations with the European Union (for Brexit) Michael Harkin, the Belfast Mayor Cllr Nuala McAlister, International Business Executive Director of Invest Northern Ireland Steven Harper and NI-CO Executive Director Graeme McCammon.

Within their weekly work schedule, the British Government's fellows and attendees of the BiH-FCO Fellowship Programme „Raising Standards of Media Professionalism“ have visited, on 2 February 2018, the BiH Embassy in London, when a reception was organized for all the attendees.

During a very cordial and interesting conversation with the Ambassador Neskovic and the Embassy's diplomatic staff, the journalists, the representatives of media and of the institutions governing the media work in BiH, have expressed their interest in Embassy's activities in its host country over the past period, in actual political situation, in possibilities for an improved economic cooperation, in opportunities for providing the scholarships to our students, in extent to which the BiH diaspora is organized and active here.

Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London attended the 30th IMO (International Maritime Organization) Assembly Session, held in London from 27 November to 6 December 2017.

All 172 IMO Member States attended the Session.

Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the United Kingdom, Branko T. Nešković, carrying out his diplomatic activity, from 22 to 24 November visited Scotland, one of the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom, having meetings with the officials of this friendly country, homeland of the ancient Gaels. 

During the meeting with the Scottish First Minister Nicole Sturgeon, actual political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Scotland was discussed. Ambassador Nešković briefed the First Minister Sturgeon on the steps Bosnia and Herzegovina made on its path in the process of European integration, expressing his hope that it would get a negotiating status as early as next year and start the negotiations regarding its accession to EU. The Ambassador used this opportunity to express readiness to engage more in the issue of upgrading future economic cooperation. The First Minister Sturgeon thanked the Ambassador for his visit, welcoming the BiH's commitment to European integration, expressing her interest in upgrading future economic cooperation between Scotland and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On 2 November 2017 BiH Embassy in London hosted the Round Table entitled „To Invest in BiH“. Organizers of the Round Table were the BiH Embassy in London, BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FCO), BiH Agency for Promotion of Foreign Investments (FIPA) and DMA. The Round Table gathered a large number of the prominent UK companies' representatives, as well as the representatives of the diplomatic-consular network accredited in London.