Within the scheduled diplomatic activities of the Embassy for this year, the Ambassador Branko T. Nešković visited Wales on the 11th and 12th December, having had the meetings with the officials of the hospitable homeland of the old Celts. In the meeting with the First Minister Carwyn Jones, actual political situation in Wales and United Kingdom was discussed. The Welsh know a lot about our country and are glad to see Bosnia and Herzegovina advancing on its way toward the EU integration.  They welcomed the initiative to organize next year an investment conference in London, and the First Minister committed to ensure participation of the Welsh companies, expressing his hope for some of them to find their interest in a more concrete business engagement, whether in Bosnia and Herzegovina or in Wales.  

Chairman of the BIH Presidency Dr Mladen Ivanić visited London in the period 17th to 21st November 2016. During his visit, on 17th November, the Chairman met the Head of British diplomacy, Boris Johnson. The meeting was held at the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office and attended also by Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the United Kingdom Branko T. Nešković and the Head of the Department for Western Balkans Fiona Mcilwham.

Actual political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and possibility to reinstate the issue of our country’s economic progress to the focus of the political talks were discussed.

Chairman Ivanić expressed his hope that the international community and UK as the member of the Peace Implementation Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina would endorse his efforts in his upcoming eight-month chairing term, supporting him on this path.

On Wednesday, the 1st November 2016, the attendees of the FCO Fellowship Program from Bosnia and Herzegovina visited the BiH Embassy in London. The fellows, coming from all areas of the public life in our country (public administration, businesses, media and non-governmental organizations) were received by H.E Branko T. Nešković, the Ambassador, who briefed them about the issues that are currently actual in the UK and at the same time important, primarily for the bilateral relations of our country with the United Kingdom. The guests were interested to learn more about the modalities for economic and touristic promotion of our country in the UK territory, about the projects in the field of culture, about extent to which our diaspora is organized, as well as about interest of primarily our successful youth diaspora members in potential investing into Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also about the upcoming Business Forum in London. The nature of a diplomat job and the role of diplomacy in bilateral and multilateral relations were also discussed.

This three-week fellowship program is rather versatile and intense, combined with specialized lectures delivered by the representatives of the British Government and Members of the British Parliament, with the tours of the important landmarks and attending the cultural events in London, while the program also included visit to Edinburgh – Scotland, where a tour of the Building of the Scottish Parliament was planned, and also a meeting with the Parliament's representatives. In the end of the meeting, the announcement was made that, in organization of the British Embassy under one similar fellowship program, young and successful people from our country are supposed to visit UK early next year, what is undoubtedly further confirmation of a sound cooperation between the two countries. 


On Friday evening, 21 October 2016, at the premises of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London, there was inaugurated an exhibition of photography entitled "B&H, the Beautiful", by the Banja Luka’s author Dusan Kecman, the member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Association of Visual Artists.

In presence of a large number of distinguished invitees from the London’s diplomatic and public life, the BiH Ambassador in London, Mr. Sc. Branko T. Neskovic inaugurated the exhibition. In his opening address the Ambassador said, inter alia,”…the title of the exhibition „B&H, the Beautiful” speaks for itself sufficiently…”, adding that “…what is seen here tonight will definitely leave no one indifferent”.

Ambassador Neskovic expressed his special thanks to Mrs. Karen Lumley, the President of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina, for her wholehearted assistance in organisation and realisation of this event aimed at promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London. 

An exhibition of B&H artist Tarik Berber, called BeBop Diaries on WoodBoard London 2016, was open in the Embassy of B&H in London on Friday 13 May. The author presented twelve paintings, mostly portraits, the technique of oil paints (which he made from pigments) to woodboard (a type of plywood). These portraits are part of continuing the current creative cycle, and in the words of the author "BeBop is a kind of jazz music, and when using the magic word, it means we are in a world of improvisation .. at the same time as the diaries, so that both terms describe freedom of expression, and everything else that goes with it ... "

Berber had an exhibition in ArtMoorHouse Gallery in London, in cooperation with the Albemarle Gallery in London in December last year. Tarik is best known to our public by his surname, which puts him in the context of the family of artists from which he originates. Great influence on his painting had his uncle Mersad, the famous B&H painter, and Tarik's father, a prominent architect, designer and artist, Omer. Tarik was born in Banja Luka in 1980. He continued his studies in Italy, Bolzano to Florence to attend the Accademia delle Belle Arti. Italy is definitely a place where this artist has developed his talent and got the first awards for his work.

As the review of Tarik's art, Terence Rodrigues, art critic and editor of The Fine Arts Journal, formerly a lecturer at Oxford, said: "Tarik Berber is a very unique and outstanding artist of our time and beyond: his style is both modern but evokes other times. He has created his own unique style, and we can say and the world, which sets it apart from any other contemporary artists. Tarik combines a deep sensitivity to the understanding of art history, which nowadays is very unusual for artists: his knowledge and interests range from classical Greek and Roman art to Renaissance and contemporary art. Artists are often the archetypal lost in a solipsistic world: Tarik on the contrary, very conscious of the world around us - from the airy beauty of the Renaissance and the cataclysm that swept his hometown to thorny reality of north-east London where he now lives ...

His combination of talent springs from the peculiarities of his family, his cultural milieu, as well as education - accidental circumstances were with him had the same importance as the geopolitical, ethnic and religious specificities of the place it comes from his family.Tarik comes from a highly educated family in Banja Luka , multi-layered city, the Roman, Slavic, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian origins ...

... The years spent in Florence were the most likely to affect the formation of Tarik aesthetics and style. Lately, his life is divided between the family home in Bolzano, then his family apartment in Zadar - sunny beautiful Romanesque / Renaissance city on the Croatian coast, where he has his own studio - and the north-east London, which was once considered insignificant place, and today represents a revived neighborhood, home to young creative people and art studios".

Tarik started to receive an important recognition at his early age. Before his 21st year he has exhibited in Italy, Empoli and Mugello, and he has had many successful exhibitions throughout Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and the UK, for which he received positive reviews.  Since 2013 he lives and works in London, and during this time hosted four exhibitions in this city. Author of two "hand-drawn" animation that attracted the attention of the BBC and Inside Art, a few months ago he finished the illustrations for the book of poems Rod-and-a Stern. 

The exhibition of Tarik Berber will be available to the public for seven days.  Cultural diplomacy is very important for Bosnia and Herzegovina, "soft power" in diplomacy is increasingly mentioned topic. Embassy monitors and supports the success and recognition of artists and cultural workers from our country in the UK, and we plan to continue to promote their talent and successful projects in the premises of the Embassy.