An exhibition of B&H artist Tarik Berber, called BeBop Diaries on WoodBoard London 2016, was open in the Embassy of B&H in London on Friday 13 May. The author presented twelve paintings, mostly portraits, the technique of oil paints (which he made from pigments) to woodboard (a type of plywood). These portraits are part of continuing the current creative cycle, and in the words of the author "BeBop is a kind of jazz music, and when using the magic word, it means we are in a world of improvisation .. at the same time as the diaries, so that both terms describe freedom of expression, and everything else that goes with it ... "

Berber had an exhibition in ArtMoorHouse Gallery in London, in cooperation with the Albemarle Gallery in London in December last year. Tarik is best known to our public by his surname, which puts him in the context of the family of artists from which he originates. Great influence on his painting had his uncle Mersad, the famous B&H painter, and Tarik's father, a prominent architect, designer and artist, Omer. Tarik was born in Banja Luka in 1980. He continued his studies in Italy, Bolzano to Florence to attend the Accademia delle Belle Arti. Italy is definitely a place where this artist has developed his talent and got the first awards for his work.

As the review of Tarik's art, Terence Rodrigues, art critic and editor of The Fine Arts Journal, formerly a lecturer at Oxford, said: "Tarik Berber is a very unique and outstanding artist of our time and beyond: his style is both modern but evokes other times. He has created his own unique style, and we can say and the world, which sets it apart from any other contemporary artists. Tarik combines a deep sensitivity to the understanding of art history, which nowadays is very unusual for artists: his knowledge and interests range from classical Greek and Roman art to Renaissance and contemporary art. Artists are often the archetypal lost in a solipsistic world: Tarik on the contrary, very conscious of the world around us - from the airy beauty of the Renaissance and the cataclysm that swept his hometown to thorny reality of north-east London where he now lives ...

His combination of talent springs from the peculiarities of his family, his cultural milieu, as well as education - accidental circumstances were with him had the same importance as the geopolitical, ethnic and religious specificities of the place it comes from his family.Tarik comes from a highly educated family in Banja Luka , multi-layered city, the Roman, Slavic, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian origins ...

... The years spent in Florence were the most likely to affect the formation of Tarik aesthetics and style. Lately, his life is divided between the family home in Bolzano, then his family apartment in Zadar - sunny beautiful Romanesque / Renaissance city on the Croatian coast, where he has his own studio - and the north-east London, which was once considered insignificant place, and today represents a revived neighborhood, home to young creative people and art studios".

Tarik started to receive an important recognition at his early age. Before his 21st year he has exhibited in Italy, Empoli and Mugello, and he has had many successful exhibitions throughout Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and the UK, for which he received positive reviews.  Since 2013 he lives and works in London, and during this time hosted four exhibitions in this city. Author of two "hand-drawn" animation that attracted the attention of the BBC and Inside Art, a few months ago he finished the illustrations for the book of poems Rod-and-a Stern. 

The exhibition of Tarik Berber will be available to the public for seven days.  Cultural diplomacy is very important for Bosnia and Herzegovina, "soft power" in diplomacy is increasingly mentioned topic. Embassy monitors and supports the success and recognition of artists and cultural workers from our country in the UK, and we plan to continue to promote their talent and successful projects in the premises of the Embassy.

In the spirit of enhancing cultural cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United Kingdom, the promotion of the book by British author Nick's Lipley's, "Blacksmit and the Bull” was held in the Embassy. The book was  illustrated by his partner, known Bosnian artist, Sonja Radan. The authors have made a special atmosphere combining interesting story-legend and exhibition, which served as a framework for the story, like illustrations in the book. Illustrations are color images inspired by the story, and painted pieces of wood, which were also exposed.

"Blacksmith and the Bull" is an epic poem of 26 verses, the story of how the Bosnian family Kovačević changed a surname to Aždajić, which was derived from the Turkish word for dragon. Sonja Radan (www.sonjaradan.com) was born in Sarajevo, where she graduated from the Art Academy. She exhibits in the former Yugoslavia countries, and other European countries. Lives in London since 1991 where continuously exhibits her works. She is a member of ULUBiH and her work will be presented in an anthology of Bosnia and Herzegovina artists outside the native country. Nick Lipley is a journalist and works as an editor and publisher. He is closely related to the Balkan countries. The characters and the locations of these countries appear often in his poetry. His work is an example of cooperation of British and Bosnian authors for promotion of cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Embassy supports authors and friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina who express interest in our culture and who connect cultures of two countries.

HE MSc Branko T. Neskovic, Ambassador to Ireland, based in London presented Letters of Credence to the President of Ireland, HE Michael D. Higgins on March 31, 2016.The presentation ceremony was carried out in the presidential residence Aras an Uachtarain in Dublin.

After the ceremony, Ambassador Neskovic conveyed greetings of Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency to the President Higgins and briefed him on the submission of applications for Bosnia and Herzegovina membership in the European Union, stressing the importance of the support of Ireland to Bosnia and Herzegovina EU integration process. President Higgins expressed satisfaction with the good and stable bilateral relations between Ireland and Bosnia and Herzegovina, announced further support of Ireland to our country on its way towards the EU. The President of Ireland wished successful mandate in Ireland to the Ambassador Neskovic and expressed hope that the cooperation between Ireland and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be intensified at all levels.

During the talks, it was emphasized that good cooperation between two countries exists in the field of higher education as well as interest in the improvement of economic relations, especially in the areas: food, textile and wood industry and IT sector. Ambassador Neskovic thanked the President Higgins for the participation of Ireland in the reconstruction of Bosnia and Herzegovina and for the aid that the Government of Ireland sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina during the floods in 2014.

As part of its cultural activities, BiH Embassy in London in the past week organized a promotion of two books of poetry of well known British poet Fiona Sampson - Kolshil and The Catch. Kolshil is a result of cooperation between the British poet, Professor Fiona Sampson, poet and publisher Dr. Zdravko Kecman, and expert and interpreter for English Studies, Dr Minja Golubovic, published last month in Banja Luka, the introductory part of the "Holy Hieronymus Edition".

She has read several of his poems, beginning with verses from Kolshil. There were endless songs in English and Serbian language: Prelude, Resurrection, Anthem to Kolshil gardens, Corn Liturgy, Mihajlova Sveta gora ... that the audience greeted with long applause.

The Catch was released last month in London and it includes songs written in the last three years from various locations, including Banja Luka, where Sampson has worked as president of the jury for the "European Lyric Atlas". 

'Triumphant literary evening "..." evening full of lyrical warmth" are just some of the comments presented by literary critics, writers and artists from the London milieu who painted this evening full of emotions.

After the event a reception in the salon of the Embassy was prepared.

Fiona is a member of the Royal Society of Writers, the Association of Artists and Commissioner of Wordsworth Trust. She graduated from the University of Oxford (1989-1992) and the Royal College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music. She is the professor of poetry at the University of Roehampton, where edits the international magazine Poem. She has published twenty-seven collections of poetry and critics and is currently working on a literary biography of Mary Shelley, as well as a study on the 'Limestone Country'. Fiona has also helped publish the works of many contemporary writers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia in the magazine Poem.

Fiona Sampson is one of the top contemporary British poetry and her books have been translated into more than thirty languages. For his work has received several awards: "Golden Ring of Macedonia", Newdigate Prize, Cholmondeley Award, awards from various Arts Councils of England and Wales, the Association of Writers and Poets Association and was nominated among the authors of TS Eliot and Forward prizes, and Evelyn Encelot European Prize for Women Poets.

Bilateral cooperation between our country and Great Britain in the field of culture and education certainly has much potential and scope for action, and authors such as Professor Fiona Sampson are working on overcoming the boundaries and connecting our countries.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), at its headquaters in London held a high level Western Balkans Investment Summit. The Summit was attended by the prime ministers and ministers of Western Balkan countries, representatives of the European Union and international financial institutions, leading entrepreneurs of the region and potential investors. Bosnia and Herzegovina was represented by Denis Zvizdić, Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Branko T. Neskovic, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London, Mirko Šarović, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Jasmin Buco, Director of Highways of the Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Svetozar Miletic, Minister Counsellor at the Embassy.

Beside Denis Zvizdić, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the Prime Ministers session, the participants were addressed by Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanović, Prime Minister of Croatia Tihomir Orešković, Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama and Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa. They presented investment opportunities in their countries and projects for which they expected support from the EBRD.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers, in his speech, among other things, emphasized the importance of regional cooperation and cohesion in the Western Balkans, especially in the context of the EU, and stressed that the most important areas for regional integration were transport and energy sectors. He said that the construction of Corridor 5-C was a priority of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as it forms the basis for economic development and connection with European corridors and neighboring countries. #

In the framework of the Summit, there were three separate panels, which focused on the possibilities of improving the investment climate, regional projects and investment opportunities in the fields of energy, transport and entrepreneurship. The UK support for accession of Western Balkan countries to the EU was expressed at the conference, and stressed that the EBRD was ready to continue to support the region in realizing its economic potentials.